Saturday, November 24, 2007

The saddest names...

For my sins, I part-own a domain names business.I don't usually look at the names we are buying in any great detail, but for a variety of reasons I have been doing this for the last few days.
Amongst all the " dropping" names (, and the likes of are quite a large number of names that have a poignancy and a sadness to them.
Why, for example, have the couple Jeffnellie not renewed the domain of their wedding pictures? Have they split up?
MarkandJohn's website has dropped. The assumption would have to be they are no longer living together. What rows and bitterness accompanied this finality of the domain dropping?
Or what about Troop96? I assume it is a Boy Scout troop ( or Girl Guide - no sex discrimantion here) that has disbanded. Why? Did the Moms not have time anymore? Or did they in turn get divorced and move away?
Some of the saddest ones are bloggers. Friend777 must have died. There are increasingly frantic discussions on various other blogs trying to contact him. Dilziba was a little girl. The early pictures of her as a baby show a chubby happy little girl, and then increasing thin and wan pictures - the final entry - just the dates 2002-2004 - say it all.
Nothing dies on the net. It's there forever. Even when the domain names expire and new owners change their focus, the previous posts are still there, a bit like a ghost at a dinner table.
With over 40,000 names dropping ever day, despite all the arguable benefits the Interwebthingy has brought, there are inumerable tales of drukenness and cruelty, of death and destruction, of sadness and bitterness to be found.
May the devils be exorcised with the dropping of the domains. R.I.P.

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Winchester whisperer said...

And we used to think that immortality was hard to find...