Sunday, April 03, 2016

If you are interested in Scotland as an entity, then you need to be interested in Scotcoin. See here Scotcoin is on the Bitcoin blockchain with all the security that that implies. It is in the top 5% of world crypto currencies. You can make peer to peer transactions with no third party. You can make worldwide payments. Scotcoin is an innovative way for the people of Scotland and worldwide to transfer wealth, goods and services. The aim is to establish Scotland’s own decentralised and self-sustaining economy. So get on board. Download a wallet. Then go to the Scotcoin ATM, and buy some Scotcoin. Or get involved and help to make it better. You know we are worth it

Sunday, November 01, 2015

The Scotcoin Project

THE SCOTCOIN Project Home FAQ Our Team Our Sponsors More The future of Scottish Wealth! Hi there, and thanks for visiting our website! We aim to introduce you to Scotcoin 2.0 in an easy to understand, and jargon free way! Scotcoin is a new method of exchange, they're built by the people of Scotland, for the people of Scotland, and have been available since 2014! Scotcoin 2.0 are Digital Assets. Like owning diamonds, only instead of storing them in a Bank Vault, they are stored on the Bitcoin Blockchain and accessed via a secure online wallet. They can be exchanged for goods and services like all crypto-currencies, with the upgraded features that 2.0 allows, such as multisig (like owning a joint bank account requiring two signatures to make a withdrawal.) We are a group of talented Scotcoin holders who have come together to build a solid foundation for Scotcoin. Volunteering our time and skills to make Scotcoin a success. We are working hard behind the scenes to raise awareness of the potential of Scotcoin, build the Scotcoin economy, and in turn raise the value of Scotcoins, so we all benefit. Sounds good doesn't it? Find out lots more at The Scotcoin Project

Thursday, October 22, 2015


Just saying....... and see here..... BREAKING NEWS: UK Private Consortium Acquires Majority Stake in Scotcoin FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Thursday, 22nd October 2015 scot100 UK Private Consortium Acquires Majority Stake in Scotcoin It was announced today, that a private consortium of individuals and businesses have acquired a majority stake-holding in one of the leading country related cryptocurrencies, Scotcoin. It is confirmed, that the group have secured circa 50% of the total Scotcoin economy, which is set to a fixed supply of 1 billion Scotcoin. Derek Nisbet, the founder of Scotcoin said, “We are extremely pleased to have engaged with such a talented and experienced group of investors that have laid out an incredible vision, for where they want to take Scotcoin over the next months and years. This is exactly the right time to engage, and we do look forward to Scotcoin growing via adoption and usage thanks to the input, connections and new opportunities this group will bring to the Scotcoin ecosystem”. Details are not immediately available of the investors, although this information will be announced later this year. -END DOWNLOAD PDF OF PRESS RELEASE

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Reputation by Douglas Mitchell

The naked body of a strangled man is discovered in a house in Amiens in 1917, and the British Army can’t find out who he is or who the murderer is. So they turn to Scotland Yard to cover their backs. Detective Constable Alan McGill and his superior, Inspector Brown, find themselves in France on what seems to be a fools’ errand. McGill has other ideas though, and when he suddenly finds himself promoted to Inspector, he determines to solve the mystery. The deeper he delves, the more danger he has to confront, and then, with the mystery solved, he faces a final, deeply disturbing truth. NOW FREE TO DOWNLOAD HERE

Wednesday, February 25, 2015 R US!

I got sent a link to Normally I would never bother, but there's been lots in the papers about reductions in gas and electricity prices. So I clicked the link and was pleasantly surprised to discover I could save £432 a year - a saving of around 30% from my previous supplier. The process was very easy - no complicated stuff, just put in what you are paying monthly and it does all the difficult stuff. Anyway, I thought it was worth sharing, and hey, you could save some money.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Angling through Adversity

Do you like fishing? Do you like social systems and growing up? The you need to read Angling through Adversity. Written by Roddy Finnie ( wonderful name for someone connected with fishing).Roddy is a journalist and avid fisherman. It would be true to say he has fished his entire life and still gets that electric thrill when the rod bends. His journalistic interests are sport, human interest, history, politics and the natural world. He is a member of the NUJ . He began by writing short angling stories and submitting them to various publications. His break came when a Texas lady, a professional angler, gave him the opportunity to write for her own online magazine. He got paid $135 for a 1,500 word piece. The story was called “Brown Trout from White Water” and was their best read online. Subsequently he had stories published by the subscription-only magazine, Waterlog, one of the best angling magazines in the world. He is either the longest or the second longest serving angling club secretary in Scotland, and is a Director (Trustee) of the River Clyde Fisheries Management Trust Limited . He is also a Scottish Ministers Appointed Water Bailiff for the Clyde System. He is a happily unmarried 59-years young guy who lives in Cathcart on the south side of Glasgow. His present passion is to raise funds to teach kids (or adults) to angle properly and safely. But what of the book? “Angling through Adversity” is not just a book about how a child became interested in angling and the influences that shaped his lifelong love of the sport. The book starts with Roddy Finnie (the author) as a young boy who is entranced by everything around him and who has an immediate love of discovering nature in all its forms. Throughout the book, the reader sees Roddy grow his skills and improve his understanding of the world. As the book unfolds, the cultural, economic and industrial differences that have taken place during his life are brought into play. The book is written not just with anglers in mind, but for lay folk too, who may never have lifted a rod or cast a fly. Roddy sends his stories to his non-angling sister and asks her a double-barrelled question: on the one hand did she understand it and did she enjoy it. If the answer is in the affirmative then he knows he has achieved his objective The second half of the book takes us away from Roddy’s childhood though his teenage years and on into adulthood. He became a roadie for a Glasgow Rock Band and changed his angling from mainly sea and coarse fishing towards fishing for trout and salmon. The later parts of the book touch on Roddy’s experiences during his thirties, forties and fifties. He has managed to retain his humour (albeit with a little cynicism) while seeing the need for practical conservation and fisheries protection. It is a life story of angling, events, natural phenomenon, animals, people and what they do and say and how ridiculous (on occasion) they can be to the point of embarrassment.

Relationship smelationship

Do you ever wonder where you have gone wrong with your partner or search for a partner? Unless you have been extraordinary lucky or you don't care, I would bet that at some time in your life you have seriously questioned where you are. Take a look at It has quite a lot of answers, and seems to me to address today's issues in a modern way, not in a judgemental or blame apportioning way. Take a look anyway

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