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Education, education, education ( redux)

I haven't written much recently, but this piece by Fraser Nelson in the Spectator deserves our full attention. In essence, it shows that despite City academies proving an enormous boost to education ( and don't forget it was Tony Blair and Lord Adonis who fought for them) Labour has now said it would effectively abolish them. If any clearer signpost was needed that the Labour party is merely a pawn for the big unions and in particular the teaching unions, Twigg's speech couldn't make it plainer. Brown tested throwing money at schools ( ie bribing teachers) to destruction, and British schools have plummeted in the rankings. The difference? Good teachers - which, I suspect, is why the unions don't want payment by merit - ie they KNOW how bad some of their members really are. Fraser's article proves the point that education not only helps the disadvantaged to escape, it also gives a huge boost to the economy. Work nowadays is brain, not brawn, and all the Poles, Czechs etc etc who come here prove it every day. As an example, if just the bottom 10% of bad teachers in America were disposed of, and replaced by merely average ones, the American economy would absolutely soar. So the next time anyone tells you the Conservatives a) aren't doing anything and b) don't care about the disadvantaged, re-read the article.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Not Just for Kicks

Over at Elderjuice we have a great new novel for you to read. It's all about the fabulous Tiller Girls and I'm sure you will like it! It's called "! Not just for Kicks". Two eleven year olds, Beth and Suzy are reluctantly thrown together, and although from different backgrounds become soul mates, through their passion for dancing. In the hedonistic days of the mid-sixties, they bring havoc, chaos and laughter to the harsh world of show business with their lust for fame and fortune, and their friendship becomes even closer. Beth, a raven-haired beauty, quickly learns how to use her sexual charms, and with the outrageous tomboy Suzy, the two make their way in the pressurised world of live TV, theatre….and of men! But their close relationship is tested severely when they realise that their dreams are heading in different directions. Their ambitions and misconceptions cause a rift, dramatically tearing them apart. Time passes, and 20 years on and thousands of miles from home Beth reaches a crisis in her life, and realising she needs her dearest friend, the search for Suzy begins. Amazingly, they find each other, but where has the passage of time left these two former friends, and although only having achieved notoriety in the world of show business, their dreams of fame and fortune is staring them in the face.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The Astrology report

"The Astrology Report aims to provide you with guidance and foresight to help you through the good and the bad times of your life. Over time, we will feature spiritual guidance as a tool to better understand where you are right now, and how to move onwards and upwards to a better situation. Our weekly and monthly astrological reports will give you an overview of how the stars are shaping up to influence what is happening to you, how to take a view on and help with your job, your finances, your love life, and, most importantly, your inner well being. We hope to give guidance in order to give you a better understanding of your own, innate powers and how you might go about developing them. We will be reviewing books on all aspects of astrology, Tarot and psychic powers. New products that come to market will be looked at and reviewed objectively. We aim to bring you experts on Chinese horoscopes, Indian horoscopes, numerology, rune readings and the like."

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Awesome gun!

The gaffer has a story about this awesome gun. 1 million rounds per minute. In theory, the AK-47 Kalashnikov can fire 600 rounds per minute, and the M-34 6000. In reality you can't because you have to change magazines. But even if you COULD, the barrels would probably melt

Friday, April 19, 2013

How long .. how much... making your life easier

At the Gaffer we are always trying to keep our readers informed and amused at the same time. So this post about how long to cook things, how long things last in the fridge, the freezer or the cupboard, how much water you need and so on. Take a look.

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