Saturday, February 06, 2010

A Joke by any other name...

Being around computery type people definitely confirms those strange ads for Intel - you know the ones " Our rock stars are different from yours.." and " Our jokes are different from yours.."
So it was with some inner disbelief I heard a joke between two of aforesaid computery people.
It seems there was a certain lady school teacher who was in charge of computers at a certain school.
She required to get into another teacher's email.
Now teacher number 2 had had her email account set up by the installer of the school's computer system, who had put the password in, and then saved it for her.
But it wasn't a password like the name of your favourite dog, it was one of those X1Ffe#qWW ones ie completely useless for security if it's a) never changed b) not entered in the system each time.
Anyway, teacher 2 ( who is off sick) says to teacher 1 " Its OK, you can see the password - it's 9 asterisks...."
Like Intel says.....


In Actual Fact said...

These kind of stories are only funny because they're true.

See also (many moons ago) "Mr. Fact, that screensaver you installed on my computer is brilliant, but... Every time I press a key, it disappears."

Winchester whisperer said...

Ha ha