Tuesday, May 04, 2010


Ok I admit it, I have a bet on that the Tories will have a majority and even more than 2 seats in Scotland.
I only ever bet £5 - it's proving the point, not the money. My best "coup" was not when John Major won the 1992 election ( though I had £5 on that) but when he won the leadership from Mrs. T.
But it wasn't my bet.
I was sitting in a car with a chap whose nickname was ( is) Dealaday. His wife in the back seat was complaining bitterly about all the horrible men who had forced her out, and Dealaday said he was going to put £1000 on Heseltine.
I told him he was crazy and the ( at that time just the MPs) party would never condone matricide.
" So who would you bet on?"
" I have £5 on John Major". He looked at me as if I had two heads. It happens to me frequently.
" You're mad."
" Wait and see."
He thought for a moment.
Then he reached for the carphone and spoke to his bookie.
" What are the odds on John Major?" I think they were 5/1 from memory and he promptly put £1000 on.
The rest is history - and apart from the £25 I won myself, I got a cheque for £500 from Dealaday.
I didn't start to tell you all that - I was thinking about election night.
It's the only night of the quinquennial when politicians cannot hide, spin or lie.
They are exposed naked and trembling before the power of those they have ignored for years.
I sincerely hope the worst offenders will get the chop ( I'm thinking particularly of Ed Balls) but there are others too.
We shall see.
And by the way, I happen to think JM wasn't such a bad PM - I'm sure history will prove him to have been right in lots of things ( and Blair and Brown wrong in lots and lots)


Winchester whisperer said...

You'd better get on to Dealaday again

In Actual Fact said...

FIVE POUNDS!? Five whole pounds? On matters of knowledge I never "bet" more than tuppence - although I do offer 'The Girl' the offer of double or quits to win her money back - so £2.56 at the moment...

But risking a whole five pounds on, say, a football match - well, that's not betting, that's sports futures trading. It is, as the people who brought you (or bought for you, in the case of nationalised banks) Mortgage-backed securities, all in the naming...

As for John Major being right in lots of things, he was helped by having that tiny majority stopping him doing much harm. I just keep seeing an image of Edwina Currie, though.... Shudders

kinglear said...

Mr.F - hm so you have been right 8 times in a row...
Well £5 was worth something in those days as opposed to what people spend for a coffee and a cake nowadays..
And I kinda agree with you that because he couldn't do very much he didn't - but that in itself ain't bad. Look what Blair and Brown have done, just because they could...
And Edwina? Well, with the light out and a Brazilian I daresay it would be all right......