Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Sorry for the delay...

Dear Reader I apologise for the lack of posts.
Several conjunctions have rendered me helpless in the face of technology, of work and indeed lack of ideas.
But today - Halleluliah! - something caught my eye.
Fraser Nelson makes the very valid point over on Coffee House that a great man once said
"Economic forecasting only exists to make astrologers look good."
There is however one prediction I will make.
Whatever governments, businesses, individuals do, however much they borrow or save, however much they spend or hoard, the present malaise will only cure with time and the eighth wonder of the world.
That's compound interest, in case you don't know.
PS I apologise for the present blackness of the blog.
A well meaning friend fiddled - and somehow we can't fiddle it back.....

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Winchester whisperer said...

Welcome back!