Saturday, October 06, 2007

Gordon Brown Trousers

Well, it was always going to happen wasn't it? Flash ( no spin no no) says to the pathetic brown-nosing Andrew Marr, I'm just getting on with the job and these advisers have been pushing this, but really I want to show my vision and on and on crap.
Brown is finished.
Andrew Marr is probably finished - Adam Boulton will certainly stab him the moment he sees him.
Brown gives the lie yet again ( I keep asking myself at what point do the Great British Public actually think this guy's a complete wanker?) to his statement that major matters would be announced through Parliament.
The answer has to be the Iraq trip last week. Even the media noticed that the GBP were enraged by lying about the troop withdrawals and were insensed by the use of our troops as political footballs.
So how does Britain feel having a lying,cowardly freek as an excuse for a Prime Minister?
Oh, sorry, that's the second one in a row.

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