Friday, October 05, 2007

Off tomorrow

We are off to Romania tomorrow. It will be Mrs.Lear's first trip, so I have told all the people out there to behave and not tell her about what good fun I am when I have had a few drinks.
More importantly, the Dog had to be taken to the kennels today, and, as the eldest Ms. Lear has deigned to join us direct from Blackpool, she was instructed to deliver him to his extremely smart kennels in Ayrshire, near a place called Floak. I'm sure it's a disease of sheep.
Anyway, the kennels is run by a stalwart of the SNP - one of the original founders no less. Ms. Lear, instantly smelling a traitor,was very much in two minds as to whether the Dog ought to be exposed to that kind of political treachery, and very nearly brought him back.
The situation was only saved because the kennel-maid ( who you would have to think of as a Labourite) said to her " OOh, did you see that lovely David Cameron on the telly - he'll get my vote when the time comes!"
When asked why she wasn't voting with her employers, she replied " No, no. They're all headbangers."
So now you know what the SNP are really like.

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