Thursday, October 29, 2009

Irritable Bankers

I had a lovely conversation this morning with a lawyer,who relates the following tale:
" A couple of weeks ago I took out a banker for what turned out to be quite an expensive lunch.
Yesterday he phoned looking for some deeds from a client and was truly irritable .
I told him I thought his irritability was completely inappropriate as it was a first request ( as in it wasn't as if I had delayed sending him anything).
He apologised, and said it was because all bankers were irritable at the moment.
My assumption is they go to bed irritable, get up irritable, and nothing happens in their dreams to make them less irritable ( which tells you a lot about what Bankers dream about).
Perhaps if we all stopped slagging them off and trying to stop their bonuses they would be less irritable.
But I doubt it."

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Winchester whisperer said...

He should be happy that sterling's going up at the moment...but perhaps he's short?