Wednesday, December 06, 2006


I just received the annual email from an old friend, Willie Kinnaird, who moved to Africa with his wife and children over 20 years ago. He undertakes missionary work as well as work for the Wycliffe Bible Translation people. He is probably the person I know who is closest to being a Saint.
Apart from the usual remarks about the children, his wife and the goings-on in the village, he had a small section on Ouldeme proverbs.
The three I particularly liked are
1) The left hand washes the porridge hand ( ie right hand)
He translates this as " We should help each other"
2) Sweet in the mouth, bitter in the stomache. Translation " Things are not always what they seem"
3) The hyena says: I would not want to eat a woman's head.
Translation: There's nothing in there.
I don't agree with this but I rather like the fact that they have a proverb stating it. No feminists there then.

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