Thursday, November 29, 2007

2014 Commonwealth Games

Mr.Jock has a nice joke about the games.
"As you all know, Glasgow was chosen, ooh, ages ago, to hold the 2014 Commonwealth Games, but it’s taken today until I received the first e-mail about it:
“In a competition between a major cosmopolitan city and a dangerous slum in a third world country, how much did the Glaswegians have to bribe the officials to stop the major cosmpolitan city getting it?”
OOOh, catty.


Winchester whisperer said...

I read today that the ONS says that men living in the centre of Glasgow have the shortest life expectancy in the country.

In Actual Fact said...

WW: Ah yes, they might lead shorter lives, but on the other hand, they enjoy them less.... Or something.

kinglear said...

WW: Not the centre, out a bit, and definitely not where I live.And its less in the East End than in Gaza. And Mr. Fact - I think that should be more. After all, you can't get through that many pints, shorts, cigarettes, deep fried mars bars and football games without enjoying it can you??