Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mlle Tautou & the gigolo

I went to see the new Tautou film on Tuesday. It was charming with lots of lovely scenes set in lovely hotels in the South of France, and the acting was perfectly acceptable, even though the tale was a little obvious.
Irene, played by Tautou, was a girl working her way through rich men, and cutting a long story short, the person she eventually comes to love starts out as a waiter and ends up a gigolo.
That set me thinking. Gigolo may be a pejorative word, but nothing like as bad as prostitute, which is what Irene would - I suppose - strictly be.
Perhaps there ought to be an in-between word. We have mistress but that generally has an element of the man being married and having " a bit on the side".
Perhaps a gigolette would do.
I could see men using it.
But I think women would be rather like Ma Boswell. " She's a TAART!"


Winchester whisperer said...

The Greeks had a useful word for that: hetaira

kinglear said...

ww - I bow as ever to your superior knowledge.