Monday, May 26, 2008

O Tempora! O Mores! or how Brown and Darling can't even give out money they're supposed to.

Quite by chance I came across a story that said that lots of the Yorkshire ( and other) victims of last summer's floods still hadn't had any Government compensation - which was promised at the time . Jackie Ashley brought it up today in her ridiculous piece ( none of the NuLab people get it at all.) when she said Brown was great over the floods ( er, not really). Anyway, I came across this from ( website of what used to be B.A.O.R.)
"What’s basically happened is that the UK was recently awarded Euro 162 million (£110 million) from the EU Solidarity Fund to help the flood victims in Yorkshire whose gaffs were made uninhabitable by the floods about a year ago. However, the UK gobment only plans to pay out £31 million and to keep the rest to help plug the holes in the national budget.Because the UK is a net payer into the EU, but has to forgo many of the subsidies handed out to France, Spain etc, Maggie Thatcher negotiated a rebate. Since 1984, something like EUR 69 billion has been paid back to the UK as a result. This rebate is generally reduced by normal EU subsidies. And this is where Brown the Clown and that Darling geezer have done a bit of clever bookkeeping, since the money for the flood victims is regarded as tantamount to a subsidy. So they reckon that two-thirds of the sum from the Solidarity Fund would have accrued to them anyway in the form of the rebate, and they’re also hanging onto a further £19 million, which would have been the UK contribution to the financial aid.Nothing is forcing them to do this, although they claim that EU financial regulations are to blame – they’re not! Brown the Clown and the fella with the Groucho Marx eyebrows are the snide, dishonest culprits.I can’t find anything in English about this, so any ARRSErs who’re better at googling than me (which probably includes just about everybody) will certainly have more luck. In the meantime, here’s the story in German from STERN: "
Oh, and in case you've forgotten, Blair, egged on by Brown ( although it was spun differently) handed back part of the rebate last year.
Treasonous Trash.

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