Thursday, September 10, 2009


In case you haven't heard the delicious Winchester Whisperer is off getting married and won't be around until 1st October. I'm not sure if she is combining a honeymoon with a business trip, or just being lazy, but I wish her enormous happiness and a long life.
However, it is noted from her blog that a ( soon to be) relative killed off her pet spider ( Solomon) which is not only bad luck but also allows flies and other beasties to flourish. Perhaps Minniebeastie ( better known as minniebeaniste) has been able to flourish because of a dead spider.
Actually, a minniebeastie is a baby Haggis when it is rushing around the highlands growing up....
Anyway, we have a spider that lives in our guest bathroom, which we have to clear away when guests come. He/she always comes back, and in fact is getting bolder. Known as Spidey ( v. original), it has just made its way to the radiator under my desk and is warming itself.
I regard this as a good omen.
Hopefully, it won't turn into Shelob.


minniebeaniste said...

Not being in the habit of tapping about the blogosphere saying vile things to/about complete strangers, I find myself a little nonplussed by this post. Which, presumably, is your intention. How vile.
The last Britmale to have a go at me for no apparent reason posted a link to a porn site in his comment. I assume I am meant to be grateful for a less offensive reference. Er, nope.

kinglear said...

Dear Minniebeaniste- I was merely following on from WW's slip. It was not in any way meant to be hurtful or demeaning to you, and if you feel it was then I most humbly apologise.