Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wa's like us *

Today is the make or break day in in Scotlands Football World Cup campaign. They are playing Holland at home at Hampden, and as usual the newspapers and pundits are all saying WE WILL WIN!
However, on past ( and probably future) performance, I think it extremely unlikely that they will. Scotland's Footballing Heroes invariably have feet of clay, and they are playing a Dutch side which is one of the best for some time. Allied to that is that Holland have won every game and are on 21 points, with Scotland in second place on just 10.
What is rather nice are all the Tartan Army Lads and Lasses wandering around in their blue Scottish Football Tartan ( as distinct from anything vaguely resembling a real tartan), and the Dutch in their orange outfits. In this city of sectarian football divide, at least 50% of the population are probably having a collective fit.
But even if they lose ( which I think is almost a foregone conclusion), provided Norway and Macedonia draw, Scotland will go through. If that were the case, I can guarantee that some papers tomorrow will be saying that the World Cup is within our grasp. Scottish people are nothing if not carried away by passion and emotion.
You may have noticed my mentioning the odd single shoe which crops up all over the place.
Well, I thinnk passion and emotion clearly overtook two people in a bus shelter the other day.
There was not one, but 4 shoes. Two pairs. One womens's, one man's. Women's very definitely killer heels.
I hope they enjoyed themselves.
It does make one wonder what happened to prevent them putting them back on.
Or even why they took them off in the first place....
* Who is like us? or What are we like?
PS: Scotland lost 1-0. Ah well, that's it over for another 4 years..
PPS:... except of course we will win the European Championship in 2 years time..


Winchester whisperer said...

Clans v Clogs

kinglear said...

ww- like it!

onlyme said...

It seems obvious to me they were a pair of closet Scottish Country dancers off for a bit of a 'reel' jigging which can't be done in killer heels!

kinglear said...

Ha! Hi Marilyn - you may be right. I was in Kingussie today planning GH10, and your night is pencilled in already!