Monday, March 08, 2010

The King's New Clothes

Perhaps the first sign of the bottom of the recession has emerged.
I went along to my tailor Stephen Purvis today for the first time in more than 18 months.
The visit was necessitated by the extreme slimness ( well marginally slimmer) body I now have with all the walking I do.
He has had a dreadful couple of years (not least getting separated ) but within the last two weeks some of his old customers have returned ( including myself).
So he measured me up and agreed the shape was different,and it would be MAY before he could deliver. Which is when the conversation got round to how bad it's been, but also how much work he has recently got.
What has quite pleased him too is that as the punters return, he can get the balances they owe him from the last time they visited.
People never pay their tailors - until they need more clothes.
Anyway, I have ordered two pairs of cords, one deep blue, one purple as befits a King, and a most becoming pair of dark grey flannels. A jacket will follow once I start getting the trousers.
Just as well really - everyone would hate to see my underwear if they were the Emperor's New Clothes....


Winchester whisperer said...

The purple cords - at last!

kinglear said...

WW- indeed!