Sunday, March 14, 2010

Self assessment

Mrs. Lear as you know is doing terribly well at Auchencruive Scottish Agricultural College.
Apart from having a sore back from all the tree planting she has been doing, she and her remaining 4 mates are all doing just great.
There were 7 at the start of the year but one dropped out after a couple of weeks (gamekeeper chap) and another after about a month( got a job in town).
Anyway, they have to provide each other with assessments of their performance on the tree project.
Now Mrs. Lear as you know has only been out there in academia for a relatively short while,and doesn't really have the hang of how to advance her cause.
If you want a good assessment you have to make sure the rest of the class knows you intend to give them a good assessment.
Unfortunately, she omitted to do any lobbying,and handed out 2 "poors", one "fair",and one "merely adequate".
It caused a bit of a frost at the housewarming one of her co-students had on Friday night....


Winchester whisperer said...

What's her assessment of her husband?

kinglear said...

WW - not even adeqaute....