Thursday, March 25, 2010


I was out for dinner last night in Stravaigin 2 in Ruthven Lane in Glasgow, and very good it was too.
I was with a friend who I have mentioned before who is a strong Celtic supporter, but also has much to do with the various rescues of fu'baw clubs up and down the country.
I told the tale before of the Americans wanting to buy Rangers, but there is an addendum.
It is common knowledge that the Ranger's supporters club is hoping to achieve something of a takeover now that the Ellis one has foundered on the sleight-of-hand being discovered about the piece of land the club did NOT own.
So my friend was invited to an informal meeting to show how they might go about it.
No sooner had he walked through the door than one of the supporters leapt to his feet shrieking "TREACHERY"
My friend, never one to hold a grudge, burst into hysterical laughter, which rather brought the meeting to an abrupt end.
But remember - you read it here first that the supporters will buy Rangers....
*I should perhaps mention that Celtic were beaten 4-0 by St. Mirren whilst we were having dinner.
" I don't care," said my host," I'm a Rangers supporter now..."
** Stravaigin 2 used to house the offices of perhaps the first of Glasgow's fine diners - Poachers, long since sadly deceased

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