Thursday, March 27, 2008

Ashes to Ashes

I watched the last episode tonight ( for the time being anyway). It's not rocket science and the acting sometimes leaves a bit to be desired, but it's quite fun for someone who was an adult at the time and remembers what the 80's were like.
Gene Hunt, yer actual Gene Genii macho man, tore Lord Scarman off a strip.
His words were " In 20 years time when you're afraid to go out after dark, and the place is overrun with thieves,muggers, knives and other bastards ( short "a") you'll be crying out for the likes of me, but I'll be in Alicante tanked up and sizzling like a sausage. You can close us down, hamstring us and knacker us BUT WE ARE UNBREAKABLE!" Round of applause.
Anyway, it was clear this was the author's message which in What's New Pussycat was accompanied by a bright yellow ,flashing arrow saying as much.
I would have to say this does seem a little bit ex post de facto, but I can't help but feel a little bit of 80's policing ( or 40's or 50's come to that) would sort a lot of the youth problems. Today we had a group of teenagers ,drunk, aged 15, who battered a young man senseless, and then killed his girlfriend. As the policeman after the trial said " The accused 's mother just laughed all the way through the trial as if it was nothing important". With parents like that it's hardly surprising the youngsters have no respect, no sense of right or wrong, or of any guidance.
But I'm willing to bet if Gene gave them the odd doing lots of them would turn into models of society.

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Winchester whisperer said...

What can one say? Are people so desensitised by the amount of violence they're exposed to on screen?