Sunday, March 23, 2008

Does Livingstone have a death wish?

You might think this is merely a rhetorical question, but he has courted Broon's Jonah twice recently. Never mind that in 2000 Brown wrote an article excoriating Livingstone, he completely reversed and this week past, in the same newspaper, wrote a gushing tribute that was somewhat nauseous to read.
Not content with that, they appeared together during the week, and Gord did the business again, praising and endorsing Livingstone.
Naturally, this has nothing to do with the fact that Boris is well ahead in the Mayoral race.
What it does do is show how afraid Broon is on the upcoming political nightmare of both Edinburgh and London being in the hands of wily, clever, charismatic men, who can make his life hell. Today's Sunday Telegraph has a very good article on this.
All it does, of course, is ensure Livingstone's defeat. There has been much talk of financial contagion recently, but I can think of no more toxic contagion politically than being endorsed by Broon.
Just as an aside, many might have hated Tony Blair, but he was always, Our Tone.
Broon is not held in any such affection.

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