Sunday, March 09, 2008

Why I support the Gurkha Welfare Trust....

"Sadly Hav Bhanubhakta Gurung VC died on Sat 1 March 2008 at 1100 hours at his son's house in Gorkha, aged 87. He was suffering from pain on his body in the morning. When doctor was called to check him, it was found that he had low heart beating and low blood pressure reading. While arrangement was being made quickly to move him to Kathmandu some 4 hours away, he passed away in Gorkha.

Today on 2 Mar, early in the morning, the family wish to move the body to Chitwan and cremate on the river side at the famous worshipping place of Devghat. Chitwan 2GR reps will gather there and lay the regimental flag on his body. I have asked to borrow a piper from BGN. Late Bhanubhakta's ash will then be brought back to Gorkha to be buried beside his wife.

COS HQ BGN has been made aware of this tragic event. As a result the Gurkha Major BGK, RSM, Major Hitman Gurung 1/2GR and a piper have travelled to Chitwan.

So that members are aware, this now leaves only 3 surviving Gurkha VC winners out of 13 - Lachhuman, Tulbahadur and Rambahadur. Bhanubhakta won the VC in Burma in 1944 when single handed he cleared trench after trench of the enemy on a hill when the platoon attack stalled due to enemy strong gun positions. Finally taking hold of a bren gun from the dead gunner, he fired at the remaining trenches thus taking over the platoon objective. The incident took place near the village of Tamandu . As result, the regiment still celebrates Tamandu day, a Battle Honour every year on or around 5 March."

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