Sunday, March 23, 2008

Size really does matter...Or maybe not.

I was taken for a walk by the Dog today as I usually am at the weekends.
Despite what looked like sunshine, this being Easter in Scotland, there was a sharp wind which meant the heavy coat and cap were required.
My dog, being the Cavalier he is, is endlessly wimpish unless really really pushed, and, as there are very few dogs smaller than he is, he tends to spend a lot of his time in the park lying down and looking small.
The one dog that is smaller than he is is a Yorkie. Pepper is tiny - less than half the size of my small small dog.
But what a different character. Fearing nothing, he goes his own way about the place, staring down dogs ten times his size, with no aggression, just sheer mental strength.
As the Alsatians and Boxers charge and bounce up to him, he stands staring at them, straining to his full 4inch height, motionless. Not a flicker. The larger dogs get to within about 3 feet of him and stop dead. They are used to other dogs cringing from the assault, and seem genuinely shaken when Pepper stares them down. Usually they bark at him a couple of times. Pepper looks at them disdainfully. Then the larger dogs do a sort of harrumph, and turn away, pretending a) they are superior and b) nothing happened anyway.
Pepper watches them go, and then does a little jig, which I guess is his equivalent of falling about with laughter.
As your granny almost certainly told you, the bigger they are the harder they fall.....

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