Saturday, July 05, 2008

"C'est la vie"

For reasons I don't understand there has been a distinct increase in the number of people using this expression in recent weeks. It can only be a fatalistic acceptable of the toilet we are all about to go down after Gordon Brown's prudent handling of the economy. As I've said before, this man and his entire set of incompetents never had a principle, never understood the first thing about economics, money, or even human beings. Tony Blair was pretty much the same - except he understood people and how to con them.
So it is with some regret I report this increase in the use of the expression.
I do like it though. In the wonderful poem " If" - which I believe I have always tried to live up to - if you can treat success and failure with equal disdain, you will be a man ( or nowadays I suppose it would have to be " a person". Sigh) So perhaps what's happening is good for the British psyche. We have spent too long complaining, suing for no good reason, wanting the government " to do something" that perhaps we have come to realise that actually no one IS going to do anything and we have to do it for ourselves. The Brits are nothing if not easy going and tolerant, yet stubborn and indomitable when required. Bob Geldof gave a marvellous speech ( reported by Iain Dale) in David Davis' constituency which summed out what we are.
The most poignant " C'est la vie" was definitely Freddy Mercury. Clearly dying, he was interviewed and, when asked whether he had regrets, replied " No - whatever happens it's just - C'est la vie" - and with a shrug of the shoulders that was the end of the interview.
So lets get rid of envy, of jealousy and bitterness, and take on a mantle of getting on with it, good or bad.
And an outlook that is prepared to accept the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, and by opposing, end them.
Gypsy Rover's owner even uses it about a missed chance to ride on the footplate of a steam train - but there it's cie la vie. Not sure if that's a typo or an attempt to inject an NZ accent.

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Winchester whisperer said...

Do you think Bob wrote that himself? Perhaps he should rewrite it as a catchy song?