Thursday, November 23, 2006

Call me cynical...

Just back from a quick trip to Northern France, which was most pleasant as - being overseas - I was allowed a small libation.
What was I doing? Yes, indulging in that great passion of mine - looking to buy a house in France.
And,no, I didn't find one.
Still,that's par for the course - I haven't been doing this for nearly 40 years without making sure I don't have to stop! I'm quite sure I shall still be doing it immediately prior to pegging it. There is little more alluring prospect that driving around nice places, eating good food, and drinking delicious wines.
But whilst I was away, there was a report that something like 800,000 Brits now own houses abroad. That is terrifying. It means only one thing. Property prices overseas are about to crash. When a very ordinary 3 roomed property in a small town in Northern France is confidently expected to fetch £150,000, the world collectively is insane. I can still buy 2 flats in Glasgow for that, and if I really try and am prepared to do some work, I can probably get 3.
And have an income of £1500 per month.

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