Sunday, November 05, 2006

Education Education Education

Thus Tony Blair's 1997 mantra.
I hardly need labour this point - he didn't. He has effectively ruined the University system in this country, and very nearly utterly destroyed upward mobility for the underprivileged. He and his cronies are the products of the system his political heavyweight forebears put in place to HELP people. Now, we have a system that is completely and utterly failing at all levels. Even potential students are shunning the offer of a place at University as they KNOW it won't get them anything more than they can get by working.
All this was underpinned today by Lord Archer on Andrew Marr. Apparanetly, if you opt for "Education" in Prison, you get £8 per week.
Anything else - laundry, loo cleaning etc - you get £12 per week.
As with so much else ( better tax breaks for single mothers as opposed to married couples springs to mind) Blair and Brown have undermined and betrayed not only this country but their own professed beliefs.
'Nuff said.

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