Friday, November 10, 2006


I was in London at an international trade fair over the last couple of days and - apart from being unutterably bored by the whole thing and astonished at the sums of money lavished on the show - I was delighted by one insight.
The organisers had set up several computers at various points around the hall, and there was forever a queue to get onto one.
I drifted past a couple of times, trying to judge a good time with not too long to wait. I stopped and waited when I saw two tall ebony-black Masai warriors in their exquisite multicoloured wraps logging on to the internet.
What a fantastic sight! There they stood with gold earrings sparkling against their black skin, dressed in a scarlet wrap with white zig-zags, Googling some information.
If that's what globalisation means, I'm all for it.

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