Friday, November 03, 2006

Venal, shifty, mendacious and cheapskates to boot.

You've probably never heard of Danny Dewsbury. In essence, he asked if he could make a film of the members of the LabourParty at their conference. He was told yes, and we ( the Labour Party) will pay expenses.
Danny - like so many students - owes about £13,000, so getting back his expenses would be good. He provided his own camera, lighting etc etc and made a good film ( see it on YouTube) which the party hacks chopped about to get rid of the embarassing bits. They then used it for their own propaganda - and didn't pay him the expenses.
So a group - including Croydonian, PragueTory and others - is getting a fund together to repay him for his efforts.
Quite rightly, Danny has sent the unedited version to The Daily Mail, which shows eg Hazel Blears having four attempts to introduce herself.
No only venal etc etc, but stoopid too.


Praguetory said...

Thank you for your kind support. I have just posted on proposed next steps. Please feel free to contibute your thoughts. Best wishes

PS - Nice to see a theatre lover and a chess player in the blogosphere. Would Prague be a place where you would have drunk in the past?

kinglear said...

Indeed yes - several times. I have a friend who escaped in 1968 and I yook in as a refugee almost until he became rich if not famous!

Praguetory said...
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