Monday, March 05, 2007

Fire Drill

Back home now, but no thanks to various hotel staff who have THREE TIMES in the last three days tried to incinerate me. Fortunately, in each case, it was merely an over-enthusiastic sensor. Once set of f by smoker in the wrong place, once by steam from the bathroom, and finally, at 2am this morning, by the girl on the desk ( first and almost certainly last night in charge) making herself toast.
The other people this morning were most ineresting. Everyone had managed to dress ( or didn't want to sleep in the beds UN-dressed) and were remarkably cheery. Nearly eveyone sympathised with the poor girl, who was in floods of tears. Apart from one niggly bastard, who immediately demanded a refund - and no it wasn't me or Mrs. Lear.
I may say when I went to check out this morning the room rate was already off the bill, so hats off to Premier Travel Inns.

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