Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God and the Easter Egg die.

Many years ago, when the Ms. Lears were very small, one of them spilled all the easter egg die over her bedroom carpet. Being a tidy wee soul, she promptly got a wet sponge and tried to clear it up, with what can only be described as gloriously disastrous results. When upbraided by Mrs. Lear, the wee soul said that " Maybe God would magic it away."
Quote " Unless ye have faith as little children..."
I won't go on as this is not really a religious post. It has to do with belief - which can be in lots of different things ( fairies, Jedi, God etc.).
Unless we really believe that something is possible, it won't happen. Half-hearted attempts at projects never work. It is principle and belief that make things happen.
Which is why - now that even Gordon Brown has changed his mind about Trident - NuLabour is destined for the dung heap of history. If you can't have a belief you don't deserve the power to make a difference.


Dave Richards said...

Thank you for this beautiful was really nice to read through...and well as Easter is also coming up i'd also like you to visit my blog on Easter Wishes and Greetings sometime and enjoy all that i've posted there!!!

Winchester whisperer said...

They could have chosen to believe that the old Trident would still work. What will happen to the old missiles anyway? Will they be thrown into a dump or will they have to be buried somewhere in case they are in fact pretty dangerous or will they just be sold off second-hand to Iraq or Iran?