Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Modern Morality Tale

I know I'm a boring old whatsit, but I was taken aback by the following - although I don't suppose I should be really.
A friend of mine, Mr. Executive, married a younger woman some 18 years ago. He had been busy earning money and building a business during difficult times, so perhaps did not pay as much attention to Mrs.Executive as he should. Needless to say, she found comfort in the arms of another man - after 3 children - who just happened to be Mr.Executive's best friend. The two of them waltzed off, taking a large slice of Mr.E's loot. They marry.
Mr. E was somewhat shattered, but about 3 years later found a kindly gentle soul to live with and marry.
Roll on about 8 years. Mrs.E and Mr.Best Friend have 2 children. But Mrs. E is now 40. So Mr.BF changes her for a younger model ( 28) even although Mr. BF is 49. And guess what? Mr.BF doesn't have any money. So HE waltzes off with most of Mrs. exExecutives dosh which was my friend's to start with.
And my friend, who was pretty innocent in all this, is now being sued by Mrs.exExecutive for more money, and is liable to get it too. Effectively my friend is supporting 3 families, all because he is the only one with any money. As he so cogently put it :" I'd be better off going bankrupt. At least the ******** wouldn't get any more money"


Praguetory said...

There are many divorced Englishmen here in Prague. Many consider themselves driven abroad by the CSA/divorce legislation.

Winchester whisperer said...

The divorce law needs to be overhauled - bring back fault!