Wednesday, March 21, 2007

THAT Budget.

Its brilliant! He steals a headline ( Basic rate cut by 2p) BUT screws everybody.. The Youngest Miss Lear phoned in great excitement to tell me that he must be a brilliant politician, but, basically, we were all screwed. The Eldest Miss Lear emailed to say whatever happened she would be paying more tax. Middle Miss Lear said Eldest Miss Lear earned too much money anyway and deserved it.
But seriously, especially if you are on a low salary, you will pay more. You WILL become more dependant on the State. You WILL not be able to save or do overtime or move up the social scale because you WILL pay 70% on your incremental earnings.
It's the worst possible sort of gerrymandering and will create even more of an immobile and hopeless underclass.
Like I said, it's brilliant.

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ShakespeareinthePark said...

Obviously, I think it's not a GOOD thing, however, I am applauding how he is going about winning the country.

Tax credits, in particular, are a way to keep people dependent on the state and grateful for the handouts, forgetting that the tax they paid was their money in the first place.