Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Insatiable lust for power,incurable incompetence

So said Winston Churchill of the postwar Labour Government. Andrew Marr's programme on BBC2 tonight was rather good, and more honest that many other programmes of a similar nature.Churchill had it right of course. This present government could be summed up in exactly the same words.
Churchill also said, in the Commons debate on dismemberment of the Empire ," Many had defended her ( Britain) but she can no more defend herself"
History never repeats itself exactly, but our postwar dependence on America has come full circle again, and we are once more merely their forward aircraft carrier - and a pretty dodgy one at that.
Marr's programme had several piercing insights. Not least was the Labour Nationalisation strategy of 1947. Rather like Bliar's triple education ( say it and it's spell will make it happen) the incantantion of Nationalisation was meant to bring not only power but profit to the people. What that government and Old Labour never realised is that it is profit that brings the power, not the other way around. Marr's statement that Labour had no strategy or even management ability to run the great nationalised industries meant they withered and died.
I rather liked the thesis that the Ealing films captured the moment and reflected young postwar Britain's desire to escape from control and rationing. I loved Stafford Cripps' broadcast " I'm sorry, I have to say no.We can't allow any more rations." Imagine someone saying that today. It would be spun anyway. " Oh course you can have what you want" and then no delivery, rather like the NHS, Police, Education and all the rest.
Anagram of the day:REAL FUN = FUNERAL

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