Thursday, May 24, 2007

Making money

I know we earn all the time, but I am a trifle stunned by one of my investments at the moment.
Bought over a period of two years with a view to making me a million by the time I die, it has gone up in an almost straight line for the last month.What to do? Take a few profits of course. It rises again. Take a few more. It keeps going. And going. So sell some more. And up it goes. Again. And again. Sell more. Up. Sell more. Up and Up.It's actually compounding at 6%. Per day. It cannot continue. Just like the property prices. That was 5 years ago we said that. And effectively every sale has been wrong - too cheap.


Winchester whisperer said...

i could do with some of that

kinglear said...

ww- its still compounding - only now it's 13% a day since I wrote. I am seriously afraid of what to do. I've sold no more since I posted.