Tuesday, June 26, 2007

LibDem demise

I see the polls are now reflecting my belief that the LibDems will effectively disappear after the next election. The Fist is clearly doing his best to split the party, believing that the fall out will benefit him more than the Tories.
He should be careful. The era of clever political spin and manipulation is over. Only truthful and straightforward people with principles will hack it in the future. There is an enormous disgust with politicians in general, which David Cameron is doing his best to counteract. NuLabour and the Libdems have not so far addressed this issue ( OK they have mouthed a few platitudes, but they haven't done anything).
I particularly liked the interview with the Fist during which, when asked if he had offered Paddy Ashdown a cabinet job after being blanked by Ming, replied " That is a complete travesty and misrepresentation of what actually happened". So, er, what did happen? Everyone, include PA, seem to think it's what DID happen.
No spin there then.

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