Monday, June 25, 2007

Those Polish plumbers

Actually, it's Polish builders I am waiting for.
But I'm quite impressed with their set-up. They are VAT registered with an office, pay tax and everything. The fact I can't communicate with them doesn't really seem to matter as a few hand signals in the general direction of the problem seems to suffice.
They say they will put down dust sheets and everything, so we shall see.
The dearth of people to do odd-jobs is manifest in the fact that the minute their van appeared, all our tenants in our office building rushed to book them up for all sorts of things - not necessarilly for themselves, but for a friend who has been looking for " simply ages" for a wee man to DO something.
Rather like the Government really. We've all been waiting months for Bliar to get out the way, and now we have Brown & Harman.
Guido has a very good Youtube post, showing a young lady immediately behind Harman, saying a few choice swear words and hiding her head in her hands when the result was announced.
Can't help but feel we will all be doing much the same shortly.

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