Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Setting the VHS recorder....

The Eldest Ms. Lear is presently in America at the second wedding of a friend. As a result, I have been tasked with recording two episodes of the West Wing , the seasons finale of ER and todays PMQs.
So far, despite everything, I have only managed one episode of WW. The seasons finale of ER was blown out the water as we were out and it required actually setting the timer. It was all correct - except the VHS didn't start at all -" sigh".
Even with the help of the middle Ms. Lear, I am incapable of mastering the complexities of such a machine. However, Mrs.Lear just has to press the record button today, so with any luck we should have something on the tape.
The instruction books for these things ( and computers, car radio systems etc etc) are clearly written by technically able people who have a complete lack of ability to express themselves in words of one syllable. Years ago I was told that when programming a computer, you had to put every step in it. So, to scratch your head, you started with " Move hand upwards, followed by arm - crook finger - locate itchy bit..." you get the picture.
Infortunately, the manuals don't do this. They give names to things about which I have no idea and which are certainly not called that on the machines.
I'm sure there is a business in people going round houses to sort out elderly people like me.
Alternatively, the neighbours' 5 year old could do it.


In Actual Fact said...

I'm sure there is a business in it. And sorting out links on their blogs, say.

kinglear said...

ha! too true Mr.Fact

kinglear said...

oh dear - the Eldest Ms. Lear read the blog from America and is already berating me.