Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The West Lothian Question

In British Politics today there is actually a much more important question than the above. Political people think TWLQ really important, and has ramifications for the Union.
I, on the other hand, subscribe to the notion that the man in the street cares far more about micro-matters. Jim Hacker's British Sausage is a case in point. European constitution? Too boring. Bananas the wrong shape? Ho,hum. Can't call it a sausage anymore? OUTRAGE!
So it is with outrage and disgust that I report the Sporran Question.
I'm sure many people will have spotted that the Endangered Species Act means that you have to have a certificate of purity ( for lack of a better expression) if you own an animal skin of an endangered species. Apparently, this includes badgers.
I only know two things about badgers. One is if you put two males together, one will kill and eat the other. The second is that David Archer got into trouble for killing badgers that were infecting his herd with TB.
Now, however, the traditional covering for the sporran is under threat. If you wear one, you will require a certificate.
As far as I know, noone makes them with badger fur any more. ( Let me know if I am wrong). So the only people with proper badger sporrans probably got them from their fathers or grandfathers. In Scottish society, one's clothes in general are NOT new. A new Barbour is the quickest way never to be asked back to a shoot.
So when the next society wedding takes place, what are the Boys in Blue to do? If they have any sense, they will do what they ought to do for 90 odd% of NuLabours completely shambolic legislative programme, and what they have largely done over the foxhunting ban - ignore it.
I would march in support of Badger Sporrans. And this from a man who does not even have a kilt - at least not since I was 8.

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