Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Bilko moment

This is weird.
Many years ago, in one of the Sergeant Bilko episodes, Bilko & his cohorts decided to set up a base radio station, to get the money from advertising. The problem ( as ever) was they couldn't let anyone else know what they were doing and ended up having to leave a microphone ON in the Colonel's house. Needless to say, there were great rows about the whole thing, but everyone loved overhearing what the Colonel and his wife said.
My email has been up and down for some days, but it appears to be back to normal now.
Except in one particular respect.
I appear to be getting emails from a chap who is conducting an affair - or at least trying to. There's no " From" or "To" in the address slot at the top, or even a " Subject" ( I think we can take it that this is supposed to be " Sex" - with a capital "S".
I've only had a couple so far, but I shall keep you posted. We do all love to eavesdrop, don't we?
A sample from the first email:
"Darling one, I did so enjoy our time together yesterday. The quick lunch that turned into three-and-a half hours as we talked our hearts out. I will always think of that Bistro as " our" restaurant. I felt your pain and confusion, as I'm sure you felt mine.Touching your hand sent a shock through me...."
That's enough of that for now. It's too soppy to continue.
But I'll let you know how they get on.

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