Sunday, January 13, 2008

DC on AM

I tend to watch the AM show on BBC1 for the review of the papers. Sometimes the people are quite good ( Jane Moore today was) and sometimes they are a bit stuffy ( Dominic Lawson was).
But today's main interview was with David Cameron.
If you saw it, you just might have been disgusted with the difference between Marr's fawning Brown interview ( never interupted once or even asked a mildly difficult question) and the rottweiler approach taken with Cameron today.
Cameron has clearly grown into his job, rode the questions well, made his points, refused to be put off, and came across as a person who was a thoroughly decent bloke without pretensions. Brown the other week displayed all the false humility and arrogance which we now expect from Labour.
Marr did his utmost to make something of the George Osborne allegations and DC shot him down - especially his final riposte which was " We asked the commissioner and have an email from him saying what we did was perfectly correct. The point is we asked - something Mr. Hain has not done" Marr promptly shut up and tried something else where he got equally short shrift.
Anyway, I daresay the Labour press will make it a "destruction" of Cameron story.

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