Saturday, January 19, 2008

Table talk

We had friends for dinner tonight ( a rather excellent Bouillabaisse even if I say so myself), and two snippets of the conversation bear repetition.
The first was about class. We were talking about how our political masters these days " lacked class" and didn't know how to behave properly.
As one of the guests put it, " Class is not having to think about it," which I regard as the best definition of class there is. Properly brought up, you don't have to think about it - it's natural.
The other was the story of an old lady on one of the islands being visited by a passing yacht, and there being many pictures on the side-board of various young men.
" Ah," said the visitor," Old family members?"
"No no," says the old lady " Those two are my sons."
" Goodness!" Exclaims the visitor. " I had no idea you were married."
" I'm not, " she replied " But I never said I was unattended."


Winchester whisperer said...

Being able to spell Bouillabaisse could be some sort of class test and naming the key ingredients another. I was helping my 13 year old goddaughter with her maths homework yesterday and one question was, "Plan a menu for a BBQ for 10 people. Decide how many are vegetarians. Go to the supermarket and find out the prices, then write out the budget." I don't remember having to do such useful exercises when I was at school.

kinglear said...

ww - no but we could actually spell, count, read and write.....