Friday, January 18, 2008

DVLA advertisement

There's a DVLA advertisement running to get people to buy new tax discs.
Whilst in no way condoning the non-purchase of these, I was somewhat taken aback by the advertisement.
My immediate " say the first word that comes into your mind " was " Stalinist".
But then, I suppose that should be no surprise from Damp Squib - this is the opposite of Flash that I thought was a good name for Broon.
Insidentally,Private Eye is running a very good cartoon strip of " The Broons" the famous DCThomson creation, which features " Jockshire Brewery" and " Jockshire Daily Record" "Jockshire Evening Times" and " Jockshire Herald". has some lovely quotes from the Scottish Parliament - I particularly liked Peter Peacock's " In this debate I stand on the side of the fish".
I always knew politicians thought of themselves as godlike, but surely walking on water is a bit excessive.

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Winchester whisperer said...

No surprise that MPs side with wets