Wednesday, October 08, 2008

This is perhaps the most disgraceful thing about this Government

Icelandic banks have been taking wodges of cash from UK citizens for years.
Now it transpires that - in total contradiction to International Banking protocols -
the Icelandic Government & Central Bank won't cover them. And , er, it transpires our own FSA hasn't checked any of it because er, its part of an EU piggyback. And , er, the EU isn't coughing up either.
In other words, if you have money in eg Icesave, a) you can't get it out and b) you will need to claim compensation from that nice Mr. Darling - which may take some time. Unless ING simply hand it out willy-nilly.
I suspect you won't get the interest you thought you were going to get and I'm willing to bet that - as always with these sort of things - the records are in a bit of a mess, so I'm really really sorry but you will have to wait.
Jonah's really done it this time hasn't he?
And Councils and Transport for London have given them money as well! Are they collectively mad?


Winchester whisperer said...

so are you buying the FTSE this morning, KL?

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