Saturday, November 15, 2008

The greatest Superhero of them all

Last night we had my godson visiting. Peter is just under 8, so we all went to Slava's Snow Show. For those of you who don't know this is a fantastic mime and clown happening which quite literally includes a blizzard in the theatre - done with paper rather than snow.
I haven't had such a young person staying in the house for many years, so I was interested to find out how things had changed.
For a start, the computer was an essential tool. Email to Mum and Dad to tell them he was fine and enjoying himself. Of course, he had brought some books to read, but it was me who read them to him as he snuggled into his covers.
In the morning he appeared at the door: " Uncle TumTum it's 6:47". In case you wonder who that is, it's me. Quite properly as a regal person, I do have an imposing figure - some detractors have suggested losing a few stone would help, but they have no appreciation of how much my corporation has cost in food and drink over the years.
What got me though was the precision.
Anyway we walked the dog, then bathed him as he was a bit muddy.
We played some chess and Foosball, and then his Dad and younger brother came for lunch.
Now you may think this is all a bit dull, and in a sense the normality of it is.
What made me sit up and pay attention was when we started talking about Superheroes.
He quite liked Batman. Did he like the Riddler? What about Spiderman?
He opined he would like to be a Superhero.
Which one I asked.
" Cats in underpants-man"
No, I've no idea either.


Winchester whisperer said...

Did he beat you at chess?

kinglear said...

ww - no, regretfully not!