Thursday, November 13, 2008

Which is worse?

Quite apart from Brown's unbeliievable performance at PMQs yesterday - and Balls' attempts to pull the chestnuts out the fire with the inquiry and his performance on Breakfast TV this morning ( "Why did Mr. Brown say it was a party political matter when it clearly was not?" " No no he didn't. (???) The Labour party will take the responsible attitude and has called for a cross-party inquiry..." Yeah right)-there are two most interesting bits of information that have emerged today. The first is John Major's piece in Times online which rightly shows just how bad Brown is.
Secondly, Guido has a piece about how bad Brown has been for pension funds, investment etc etc - and that's before factoring in the pension grab which must now be approaching the same amount of money as is being thrown at all and sundry to try to save the Labour Party from total disintegration.
So the first question is, who was a worse PM, Major or Brown?
More interestingly, which would you prefer over the next few years on a loan? 3% over base rate or 2% over LIBOR? Answers please.


Winchester whisperer said...

It should be a walkover for DC. As for loans...still waiting for ZIRP

kinglear said...

ww - that would argue that the better deal is over base rate - I can't see the banks ever charging each other less than 1% - but maybe you know/think different??

Winchester whisperer said...

All I know is that Morgan Stanley is predicting it in the US