Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wifely duties.

Today, being a long day at Uni for Mrs. Lear,she is first in the bath.
I then took a shower.
Normally, it would be the other way around.
So imagine my surprise when greeted whilst she was doing her teeth by a sharp remark that I had not cleaned the glass divider of the shower.
The problem, you see, is that as she is normally the second into the bathroom, she cleans it all off, hangs up the shower mat, bath mat, repositions the loofah and so on.
I had never noticed.
So she informed me that this was just one wifely duty, and one that I had neither paid attention to nor appreciated ( only one of many I am sure).
So, as they say in the Girls Mags, chaps, be sure to notice the little things.
Because if you don't, your wife/girlfriend/mistress/partner/A.N.Other will definitely make sure you do.


Brian Boru said...

Ouch. This rings very true!

Winchester whisperer said...

How's Queen Lear enjoying her course?

kinglear said...

ww - hugely. She has fallen straight into the finishing the essay at 02:30 am so must be doing well...

Winchester whisperer said...

I hope you're helping her with her conclusions