Sunday, March 15, 2009

Glorious mud

I can't help but think that writing one's blog is a bit like telling a story at a dinner party. Unless you are a total bore, you need someone to say something that reminds you of something which you then tell as an anecdote. In the same way, something has to happen to trigger writing the blog. It's one of the reasons I have great respect for people who write professionally - if they didn't keep at it we might get a lot more of the " Nothing much happened today" genre of writing.
So yesterday the pond in the Park was down about a foot, and I thought " Oh, they've found the plug again" ( actually there was a bit missing so they had to get another bit made)
This morning, it's at least 3 feet down on it's usual level.
Pools are being isolated and all the ducks have decided somewhere else is better. The swans look rather forlorn and the mountains of leaves that have never been cleaned out for years are all there to be seen. Along with the traffic cones, old bicycles, deflated balls, bags of rubbish and piles of wood that people have thrown in.
The fish are swimming round in small circles wondering where to go next, and the valiant Glasgow Parks Department were there this morning starting the job of clearing. I don't think it will ever be crystal clear, but at least the "good" bacteria will be able to flourish again.
Unless, of course, they haven't deliberately pulled the plug and something has gone wrong....

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