Thursday, March 26, 2009

NOT getting off..

Hattip to The Herald Diary.
A smarmy young man is trying to get off with an attractive young lady.
Eventually she gets fed up and says:
" Look, the only way we are going to exchange bodily fluids is if I spit on you."
Love it.


Brian Boru said...

Excellent, dear Lear [my sons would say 'LOL']

I think that your Blog is at it's best when you post pieces like this and, for example, on the adventures of Good Queen Lear.

I prefer them to your comments on the UK economy, Fat Gordy etc - not beacause they aren't true, but because it's all so depressing and there seems to be no escape from it.

I am a regular reader of your Blog. I note that you are a Power Blogger which I suppose means that you have large following.

Should you ever want to track your readers for free you might, if don't already do so use:

kinglear said...

BB - you are always too kind.
I, too, prefer the tales of derring-do, but sometimes I'm just so enraged by that one eyed Scottish idiot and his shower that it just pops out. Sigh.
But thanks all the same.