Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It might be he needs a rescue of his own....

I'm sure the dog story helped Barack Obama become President Obama.
It's uplifting, it shows a caring parent and man.
It shows a man who can be trusted to deliberate.
Or does it? The above is certainly the way it played, but acting as Devil's advocate, I wonder?
For a start, it depended on his getting to be President. Aspiration is a good thing, but the time it's taking to get the dog rather gives the lie to any enthusiasm he has for it.
Secondly, his list of " musts" ( supposedly reached by family consensus - yeah right) include it being either a Labradoodle or a Portuguese Water Spaniel, both of which have non-allergenic coats.
But the other requirement is for it to be a rescue dog,
I 'm pretty sure that's the code for it ain't going to happen. People are very unlikely to dump what would need to be a pedigree dog on an animal shelter. I suppose it's possible one could get lost, but from my long experience of such dog owners they would rather cut off both their arms than lose their dog.
So over all, I have the feeling that this is the story of what his Presidency will be: Long on hope, high in aspiration,lofty in ideal but totally lacking in performance and result.....


Winchester whisperer said...

I'd have thought as a property developer you'd be licking your lips at the opportunity of buying all those toxic, I mean "legacy", assets at deep discounts on 6x leverage.

kinglear said...

WW- well yes, you are right - and so is anyone with any cash in America. I expect a "fund" to be launched any moment now....What will be really interesting is what price these will go for.A surveyor was telling me recently he thought that, despite the present CAPITAL value of these "assets" being say 30% underwater overall, as a term investment they could be worth as much as 50% MORE. And don't forget the wonderful world of returns - if the present mortgage rate is say 7%, at a 30% discount that suddenly becomes,er,10%. Even more wonderfully, if you only have to put up effectively 15% and pay about 2% interest, your return is a stonking 35% +