Friday, June 19, 2009


Anyone outwith Scotland will almost certainly not have heard of Livingston Football Club - Livi to its fans.
So you probably won't have heard that it is amongst good company in being broke - practically all football clubs are, even the most succesful, and tend to be kept alive by rich men ( Abramovich springs to mind). Normally sane business men go weak at the knees and throw all common sense out the window where " their team" is concerned.
So it was with some amusement that I noted that Scottish Power had pulled the plug on Livingstone - they cut off their electricity supply.
Livingston does have a fairy godfather in the shape of a chap called Mussone, who says he has already put £2million into the club ( why anyone would do that is beyond me). Now he says he wants the fans to share the pain and has made an appeal for funds.
The Livingston fans have dug deep.... and come up with £149.50.
It's the 50p that I adore.

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