Friday, June 19, 2009

Dinosaur's no longer count

I know I'm an old dinosaur who believes in being nice to strangers and helpful when required, but two incidents today have resolved me never to be so again.
The first was a lady driver trying to squeeze between 2 cars, and just about to take not only her own wing mirror, but the parked car's one as well.
Holding my hand up to stop her, I carefully pushed both wing mirrors flat, and waved her on with a smile. As she accelerated away she shouted abuse and flicked a V-sign.
The second one was even worse in my view. Whilst collecting something for lunch, there was a mother and young girl having a soft drink. The mother had a beer mat, and the wee one wanted one too. The mother wouldn't let her have hers ( what kind of a mother is that I ask you?) so I picked one off another table and handed it to the wee girl.
Whereupon the mother told me in no uncertain terms that I was clearly a paedophile and shouldn't be allowed out.
What have we come to?

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Winchester whisperer said...

They must have been affected by the hurricane